General Links 

The College Board Website on AP Biology - Official College Board Site

MIT Resources for AP Biology - You can observe introductory biology lectures at MIT

University of Arizona Biology Project - A great resource, has a lot of interactive quizzes that provide tutorials and guidance. 

Practice Quizzes - Based on the Campbell book (they may go into more detail than we need to worry about) 


Unit Specific Links 

Unit 1 

Unit 2

Unit 3

Unit 4

Unit 5

Unit 6

Unit 7  


Unit One (Chemistry)

Enzymes Animation

Activation Energy Animation 

Properties of Water Video 

Chemistry of Life Flashcards (note there are some terms on here we skipped in lecture)  


Unit Two (Evolution)

Darwin's Revolution Song 

The Simpson's Version of Evolution 

NOVA - What Darwin Never Knew 

Natural Selection Made Easy 

3.5 till infinity 


Unit Three (The Cell)

Transport Animation

Cell Membrane Animation

G-protein cellular reception animation 

cAMP animation 

Going Back to Plasma Membrane Rap

Another G-Protein Animation 

Tyrosine Kinase Animation 

Harvard Animation Tour of the Cell 


Unit 4 (The Diversity of Life)

Carl Sagan - Abiogenesis 

Explanation on the Origin of Life  - I do not condone the video maker's attitude against creationism.  However, the animated explanation of how life could have arisen is very worthwhile

Moss (Bryophyte) Reproduction

Fern Spore Release

Fern growth time lapse

Planet Wild - Fungi

Cordyceps - the fungal parasite 


Unit Five (Plants)

Photosynthesis Song - 1,2,3 it's Photosynthesis You See 

Light Reactions Animation 

Calvin Cycle Animation 

Photosynthesis Song - the Light Reactions 

Photosynthesis Song - Cyclic Electron Flow and the Calvin Cycle 

Chemiosmosis/Oxidative Phosphorylation/ ETC animation 


Unit Six (Animals)

Cell Respiration (to the tune of I Gotta Feeling)

Circulatory System Rap

Pump Your Blood (Country song)